Karrie Delaney Continues Cash-On-Hand Advantage Over Incumbent Jim LeMunyon with $97,001

Delaney Raises More Than $115,000 in Strongest Report to Date
CHANTILLY, Va. -- Community leader Karrie Delaney raised $115,281 for the latest financial reporting period, with nearly 2,400 individuals contributing to her race for Virginia's 67th House District this cycle. Additionally, Delaney continues to hold a cash-on-hand advantage, reporting $97,001 in the bank. The reporting period covers the months of July and August.
Will Van Nuys, Campaign Manager for Karrie Delaney, stated, "Jim LeMunyon has made a career of putting politics before people by voting against access to affordable health care for Virginians, voting against full-day Kindergarten for our children, and voting to make it easier to purchase military grade weapons in our community. Now Richmond special interests are paying him back for his loyalty."
Van Nuys continued, "The people of Virginia's 67th District are ready for a change, and eager to elect a true leader who puts people before politics. That is why support and momentum continues to build for Karrie Delaney and her vision to bring innovative economic growth, world class education, and affordable health care for all to Northern Virginia."

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Karrie started working at a group home for foster children - an experience where she learned how policy decisions can either serve or fail our most vulnerable. Later, as a crisis counselor, Karrie stood by women who were assaulted and raised awareness about the abuse of women around the world. When Karrie became a mother, she turned her focus towards local issues as Gov. McAuliffe's appointee to the Virginia Commission on Youth, as well as former Chair of Fairfax County Citizens Corps Council and the current Chair of Fairfax County Library Board of Trustees. She lives in Chantilly with her husband, Patrick, and their two children.